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Good food happens here

You might call food our bread and butter. At General Mills, we put a lot of love into what we make and how it’s made, so families around the world can enjoy a variety of affordable, delicious foods.

Made with love

We’ve always been committed to making good food from a place of love. And today, our commitment remains strong to deliver on food safety, variety and nutrition.

Food safety

Safety is at the core of our company and culture and is reflected in all that we do — from processes to audits, policies to training.

Food for the whole family

We craft a wide variety of products, with the goal of bringing joy, well-being and ease to your table.


Our lineup includes many nutrient-dense products, organic options, and other delicious choices to fit any lifestyle.

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Number 1


of company-owned production facilities are Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) certified.
Number 2


of General Mills global volume met the Nutrition-Forward criteria in fiscal 2023.
Number 3


General Mills is the largest provider of natural and organic packaged food in the U.S.**

Includes food for both humans and pets. Source: SPINS Nat/Org Multi Channel, 52 weeks ending 1/28/2024. 

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