Standing for Good

At General Mills, we stand for good, and have for nearly 160 years — for the people we serve, the brands you love and the planet we depend on. Check out the latest actions we've taken in our 2024 Global Responsibility Report, with a video series starring some familiar faces.

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General Mills is focused on improving food security in communities of color -Father and son enjoying Betty Crocker cookies

General Mills-Standing for People

We thrive when our employees and the communities where we live and work are healthy and vibrant.   

Hunger Relief - General Mills is focused on improving food security in communities of color. 

Box Tops for Education - General Mills advocates for greater equity in education.

Equity, Inclusion and Representation - General Mills is committed to advancing our culture of belonging and creating positive impact in hometowns where we live and work. 

Climate Action - Cactus Flats wind farm

General Mills - Standing for planet

Our business is dependent on Mother Nature. We are working from the ground up to solve today’s food and agricultural challenges to build a resilient future.   

Regenerative Agriculture - General Mills is working to advance an ecosystem of good on farms and ranches — and measure its impact.

Climate Action - General Mills is looking beyond its walls — from farm to fork and beyond — to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and create positive planetary outcomes. 

Recyclable or Reusable Packaging - General Mills is innovating in packaging design to reduce environmental impact.

We're making food with heart — being thoughtful about how we make an impact on our people, our hometowns, and the planet.

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