Good Measure bars with yogurt and strawberries

Good Measure

Huge taste. Little impact on blood sugar.
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Delicious, wholesome and low on sugar. How sweet is that?

Good Measure bars are made with simple ingredients that won’t cause a blood sugar spike. With three delicious flavors, sugar-conscious snackers finally have something sweet to sink their teeth into.

Three great flavors
Each of our three delicious bars are crafted with your blood sugar in mind and contain three grams of sugar or less.
Fun facts about Good Measure

Discover how Good Measure got its start.

The need

10.5% of Americans have diabetes and over a third have higher-than-normal blood sugar.

Mia’s Story

Good Measure was started after the founders met Mia, a young girl who just wanted an easy snack.

Two years in the making

Nutrition experts spent two years crafting nutrient-rich bars with little impact on blood sugar.