Oui brings great taste to dairy free

Oui Dairy Free brings a thick, decadent and delicious dairy alternative in the familiar Oui glass pot.

Prioritizing flavor in dairy free

Oui Dairy Free, Yoplait’s first premium plant-based, non-dairy option in the U.S., will be on shelves soon.

With a coconut base, Oui Dairy Free will come in vanilla, strawberry, mango, and raspberry, in the brand’s signature glass pot. It features a teal label that sets it apart from other Oui varieties on the shelf.

If you’re looking for dairy-free foods, you typically replace dairy with a plant-based milk: almond, soy or oat.

“When we talked to consumers seeking dairy-free options, time and again coconut rose to the top as the most preferred and the tastiest,” says Lynne Nathan, product developer, General Mills. “For Oui Dairy Free, the taste is lovely, the texture is rich and creamy, and the color is bright white. It’s also complimentary to lots of different fruits, so it just seemed like a good fit.”

A global focus on great taste

Oui Dairy Free emerged from an extensive global project at General Mills, across North America, Europe and Asia. It went from planning to the shelf in 11 months.

“We were with consumers in April, testing our first prototypes” Erhard says. “We had to lock our formula three months later, so it really was a fast turnaround.”

Oui Dairy Free is one of three new dairy-free products from General Mills. Our team in France launched Panier de Yoplait Végétal au lait de Coco (with coconut milk) and au lait d’Amande (with almond milk) in March. While Liberté Dairy-Free will debut in Canada in mid-January.

Those products represent nimble cross-functional work and global collaboration across our yogurt and dairy teams. They also showcase a shared goal to deliver great taste to a growing consumer segment.

Consumers seeking dairy-free foods and beverages choose to avoid or limit animal products. Some may have health reasons like lactose intolerance.

Oui by Yoplait was just recognized as a “Breakthrough Innovation” in Nielsen’s 2019 Breakthrough Innovation Report. The brand delivered more than $100 million in first year sales, making it one of the yogurt category’s biggest new product launches in recent years and pioneered the “simply better” segment within the U.S. yogurt category.

Yoplait also is launching its new Oui Crème Dessert, a chilled dessert line that brings a premium offering to refrigerated desserts. It’s a take on Crème Fraîche – a cultured French cream.

It comes in Oui’s signature glass pot and is available in a range of classic flavors including caramel cream, lemon tart and vanilla bean.