Embrace 2024 with new cereal and snack innovations

From Cheerios Veggie Blends and REESE’S PUFFS Peanut Butter Lovers to Nature Valley Protein Smoothie Bars, these new offerings reimagine timeless classics.

New product lineup for 2024

Cheers to new product innovation

The new year calls for new additions to your pantry! Whether you’re looking to switch things up for breakfast or need a new go-to snack, these new products deliver on fan-favorite flavors with a twist.

“General Mills has delivered fun, nutritious, and affordable cereal and snack options to families for decades, so they've come to expect we continue to reimagine the ways in which to enjoy our beloved brands,” said Doug Martin, chief brand and disruptive growth officer at General Mills. “We are excited to share these new offerings and hope they bring a bit of nostalgia and excitement to everyday routines.”

Check out these new 2024 offerings.

For a spoonful of reimagined tasty O’s

Cheerios fans of all ages, make room for a few more tasty O’s to love! Cheerios Veggie Blends are made with ¼ cup of fruit and veggies per serving* and combine spinach, carrot and sweet potato with whole grain oats for an expectedly nutritious and surprisingly delicious breakfast or snack. Available only at Walmart.

For even more spoonfuls of tasty O’s, try Maple Cinnamon Cheerios Hearty Nut Medley or Honey Nut Cheerios Minis – the newest addition to the Minis lineup.

For a peanut butter burst

REESE’S PUFFS is debuting the first new flavor in the brand’s 30-year history, REESE’S PUFFS Peanut Butter Lovers. Made with only peanut butter flavored puffs, this cereal is ideal for those looking to ditch the chocolate and go all in on PB.

For chocolate cravings

Try General Mills' new Cocoa Puffs Soft Baked Oat Bars! The snack is a perfect blend of whole grain oats, wheat and Cocoa Puffs’ signature chocolatey goodness all baked into a soft bar, to take your favorite cereal with you on-the-go.

If muffins are your pastry of choice, Nature Valley Double Chocolate Chip Soft-Baked Muffin Bars have eight grams of whole grains per serving and are a delicious around the clock snack to fulfill those chocolate cravings.

For fruity fun

When you crave a smoothie in the morning but need to get moving, Nature Valley’s Protein Smoothie Bar has you covered. Made from Nature Valley’s signature oats and nuts with classic smoothie ingredients like dried fruit and an irresistible yogurt-dipped bottom, the berry blend flavored chewy bar delivers 10g of protein on-the-go.

For marshmallow magic

Trix and Lucky Charms have something new to delight your tastebuds. Trix with Marshmallows has bunny-shaped marshmallows to complement the fun fruit-flavored sweetened corn puffs fans know and love. Lucky Charms is debuting the newest variation of the magically delicious cereal, Lucky Charms Berry Swirl, with marshmallow charms that have the shape and taste of strawberries, blueberries and raspberries.

For a protein punch

For those looking to elevate your yogurt parfait or on-the-go snack, reach for Nature Valley’s latest offering: French Vanilla Protein Granola. This new flavor delivers a delightful French Vanilla taste while offering 13g of protein per serving.

Keep an eye out for new offerings at retailers nationwide beginning this month.

*Cheerios Blends™ Cereal is made with fruit puree and vegetable powder. See complete list of ingredients. It is not intended to replace fruit or vegetables in the diet.