Count Chocula box from 2013

Monster Cereals

Three delicious cereals. Three Halloween icons.

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It simply isn’t Halloween without Monsters

Count Chocula, Franken Berry and Boo Berry launched in the early 70s and were inspired by classic horror film vampires and Frankenstein — a trending craze at the time. Today, the three monster cereals make an appearance every year just in time for Halloween to inspire nostalgic joy and spread the spooky spirit.

Fun Facts

Spooky facts about the Monsters

Still of Count Chocula popping out of a box from 1970s commercial
Scared or scary?
The earliest commercials showed the monsters being scared by children, black cats, birds, ghosts … and even each other!
Original sketch of the Trix Rabbit
Some fun extended family
The illustrator who drew the original trix Rabbit also drew the first images of Count Chocula.
Boo Berry box from 1972
Not always a fall tradition
Monster cereals were available year-round until 2009. Now they return for a limited time each fall.
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