Human Safety and Environmental Protection Policy

General Mills values protecting employee safety and the environment. We are committed to promoting and maintaining safe and healthy workplaces for all employees and protecting the environment.

Responsibilities and Requirements

At General Mills, all employees are accountable for maintaining a safe workplace, preventing safety and environmental incidents, and complying with regulatory and company standards. In the event of an incident or a safety or environmental concern, employees must notify management promptly so the issue can be addressed.

In support of our commitment to employee safety and protecting the environment, General Mills will:

  1. Meet or exceed all environmental, health, and safety laws, regulations, and Company standards.
  2. Encourage sustainability through pollution prevention, resource conservation, and waste minimization goals and initiatives.
  3. Promote responsible environmental and safety practices through engaged leadership at all levels.
  4. Continuously improve our environmental and safety management practices by fostering a global “Zero Loss Culture.”