Sustainable sourcing


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We focus on improving the environmental, social and economic impacts of our ingredients. This helps ensure availability of the ingredients we need to make our products and aligns with our core values.

Our strategies include:

Origin-direct investment We invest directly at the origin for crops like vanilla and cocoa to improve smallholder farmer livelihoods and ingredient quality.

Continous improvement We advance the sustainability of dairy and row crops by engaging with farmers to reduce the environmental impact of agriculture. We ensure sustainable sourcing of these commodities by documenting continuous improvement over time.

Verification We increase the sustainability of palm oil, fiber packaging and sugarcane by working across the industry to improve practices. We verify progress by purchasing certified sustainable raw materials or completing independent verification in high-risk regions.

Our goal is to sustainably source 100% of our top 10 priority ingredients by 2020. In fiscal 2018, 85% of these ingredients were sustainable sourced.

Here is how we've done by ingredient:

Raw material / ingredient FY2018 progress*
(% of volume sustainably sourced as of May 2018)

palm oilPalm oil** (learn more) 100%

packagingFiber packaging 99%

dairyU.S. dairy (raw fluid milk) 91%

beetsU.S. sugar beets 81%

cornU.S. corn (dry milled) 82%

wheatU.S. wheat 74%

oatsOats 90%

cocoaCocoa (learn more) 90%

sugarcaneSugarcane 70%

vanillaVanilla 32%

*Progress numbers may vary from year to year due to changes in suppliers, market conditions or improvements in data tracking methodology. All numbers calculated based on volume except fiber packaging, which is based on percent of spend sustainably source.

**Palm oil target 100% by FY2015; baseline year FY2010 for palm oil (baseline FY2014 for all other ingredients).

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