Partners in Food Solutions

Beyond traditional relief efforts and food donations.


There's more than one way to fight hunger.

So in 2008, General Mills founded Partners in Food Solutions.

It's a non-profit organization that brings together the business and technical expertise of global food companies to help local food processors in Africa. 

It's a new way to fight hunger that helps African mills and food producers develop a sustainable food supply chain.

That's vital to feeding the continent’s growing population.

Quick expansion

Since it's launch, the effort has gained:

little girl on scale being weighed

Project Peanut Butter stabs at malnourishment. (video, 4:44)

THE IDEA for Partners in Food Solutions came to Ken Powell, chairman and CEO of General Mills, after he attended a forum on hunger.

The General Mills global food manufacturing capabilities could make a difference, Powell decided.

Soon, more than 300 General Mills employees were volunteering to build the program.