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Mar 05, 2019

EPIC Provisions unveils new Rise & Grind Bars at Expo West, fueling epic adventurers for the day ahead


EPIC Provisions also expands its product lineup with five new flavors across existing product lines

AUSTIN, Texas - EPIC Provisions, the snack brand on a mission to make humanely raised, animal-based superfoods, announced several new offerings including the new Rise & Grind morning-inspired bar line and new flavors across EPIC's pork skin, snack strip, and performance bar lines. 

"Everything we do at EPIC is centered around positively impacting how animals are raised. Our Rise & Grind bars incorporate nutrient-dense egg yolks, enabling us to further support the egg-laying hen supply chain," says Taylor Collins, co-founder of EPIC Provisions. "Expo West is the best place to share these new bars with the world. We're also introducing some awesome new flavors to some of our most popular product lines!"

Among the newly unveiled offerings is the EPIC Rise & Grind Bar, a 1.5 ounce morning-inspired bar made with organic egg yolks from Pete and Gerry's Organic Eggs, humanely raised pork, and chicken raised without antibiotics, providing the nutrients your body needs to prepare for the busy day ahead. They are available in two varieties – bacon & egg yolks, which offers 9 grams of protein; and chicken, egg yolks, & apple, which offers 13 grams of protein. EPIC's gluten-free and paleo-friendly Rise & Grind bars will be available nationwide in June 2019. 

Other offerings debuting at Expo West include five delicious additions to EPIC's current portfolio, including:

  • NEW EPIC Bison and Chicken Sriracha Snack Strips bring popular EPIC product flavors to this convenient snack form. The chicken sriracha strip represents our first EPIC launch made with 100% free-range chicken. The bison strip is our latest 100% grass-fed product launch. The new flavors will begin to appear on shelves this month. 
  • NEW EPIC Cinnamon Churro Baked Pork Rinds add another hint of sweetness to our pork skins portfolio following the success of our maple cracklings. The new flavor will be available on shelves in June 2019. 
  • NEW EPIC Jalapeño Pork Cracklings add a little heat to the current crackling lineup and will be available on shelves starting in June 2019. 
  • NEW EPIC Performance Coconut Lime Bar is made with cage-free egg whites and crafted with only five ingredients, featuring tropical flavors from coconut and lime oil. All performance bars are great for pre- and post-workout. The new variety will be available on shelves beginning in June 2019. 

In 2012, EPIC Provisions launched the world's first 100% grass-fed meat, fruit, and nut bar. EPIC provides whole food offerings that prioritize animal welfare and human health. Every EPIC product is made from consciously sourced animal meat, complemented by adding fruit, nuts, seeds and creative spice blends. With over ten product lines and ten animal proteins available, EPIC products are always gluten-free and absent of grain, soy and dairy. 

To learn more about EPIC Provisions or to follow along at Expo West, be sure to visit or the official EPIC Provisions Facebook, Twitter and Instagram handles. Also, you can learn more about EPIC's inspiring story from co-founders, Taylor Collins and Katie Forrest, on the "Brands that Matter" podcast. 

About EPIC Provisions

EPIC Provisions is a mission-based food brand making animal-based products that drive positive impact by improving the welfare of those animals, promoting the health of humans, and regenerating the land on which we all depend. All of EPIC's products are inspired by the simple yet powerful diets of our ancestors and are consistent with our unique evolutionary biology. EPIC's married co-founders, Taylor Collins and Katie Forrest, launched the Austin-based brand in 2012 with EPIC meat bars, the original 100% grass-fed meat, fruit, and nut bars, which are a savory protein snack packed with the highest quality animal meat available. Other products in EPIC's line include bites, snack strips, pork rinds, bone broth, and performance bars.

About General Mills

General Mills is a leading global food company that serves the world by making food people love. Its brands include Cheerios, Annie's, Yoplait, Nature Valley, Häagen-Dazs, Betty Crocker, Pillsbury, Old El Paso, Wanchai Ferry, Yoki, Blue and more. Headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, General Mills generated fiscal 2018 proforma net sales of U.S. $17.0 billion, including $1.3 billion from Blue Buffalo. In addition, General Mills' share of non-consolidated joint venture net sales totaled U.S. $1.1 billion.

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