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Aug 01, 2019

U.S. women’s national soccer team honored with limited edition Wheaties box in partnership with Serena Williams


MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota — Today Wheaties, in partnership with Serena Williams, announced the release of a commemorative limited-edition box featuring the four-time world champion U.S. women’s national soccer team (USWNT), as they kick-off their Victory Tour this Saturday, August 3. Special edition boxes will be sold for $23, a nod to the 23 fierce women who are a part of this record-breaking team, with 100% of the selling price being donated to organizations committed to empowering girls through sports. This announcement comes a month after Wheaties announced their new champion, Serena Williams, with the “She’s a Champion” campaign.

“The USWNT captivated the world this summer. They impressed us all with their incredible accomplishments on the field - and their use of sports as a platform to inspire the next generation of girls,” Serena Williams said. “I believe a champion embodies a person in all aspects of their life and I am so proud to share my time on the Wheaties box with these amazing women who are doing just that. When we support each other and build each other up, we can do anything.”

The USWNT has been the most successful women’s team in international soccer history, earning four world championship titles - and this summer in France set a record for the most goals scored with 26 over the seven-game tournament.  

While Serena Williams’ exclusive Wheaties box is currently available in retailers nationwide, Wheaties will release 10,000 USWNT commemorative boxes for a limited time only on while supplies last. Sales of these boxes will be donated to Girls in the Game and the U.S. Soccer Girls Development Academy. 

“It is beyond wonderful to see our team on the cover of the iconic Wheaties box,” Becky Sauerbrunn, USWNT defender said. “Not only is it an honor to have our team recognized amongst some of the world’s most renowned athletes, this highlights our 2019 world championship title as more than just a win for the sport of soccer, it supports our drive for women’s equality in all sports.”

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Coined “The Breakfast of Champions”, Wheaties is made up of 100% whole grain wheat flakes and has been fueling active lifestyles for 95 years. In 1934, Wheaties honored Lou Gehrig as their first cover athlete and has been celebrating champions of all types on their iconic orange cereal boxes ever since. Some of the greatest athletes in American history have been honored on Wheaties boxes. To view a timeline of Wheaties Champions over the decades, visit


Girls in the Game programs for girls ages 7 to 18 are designed to work in concert with one another. We strive to get girls involved at a young age and keep them engaged over the long term. Girls in the Game offers both year-round programs as well as one-day events that introduce girls, schools, and communities to our organization in the hopes of getting them interested and involved long-term. Each program offers participants the opportunity to be physically active, learn about healthy lifestyle choices, and improve their leadership skills in a safe, all-girl setting.


The U.S. Women’s National Team Players Association serves as a leading advocate for women’s soccer players, pioneering a new era of women’s soccer as a preeminent sport. Our primary mission is to protect the rights of USWNT Players and to advance and safeguard the economic and social welfare of all USWNT players, both on and off the field. We are committed to raising the level of women’s soccer domestically and continuing to grow the game worldwide.


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