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Oct 22, 2018

EPIC Provisions pioneers industry's first consumer product with the Savory Institute's Land to Market Ecological Outcome Verification seal


EPIC underscores commitment to advancing regenerative agriculture

AUSTIN, Texas – EPIC Provisions, the mission-based snack brand known for its humanely-raised, animal-based foods that improve the welfare and management of those animals, today underscored its commitment to advancing regenerative agriculture by debuting the first product to feature the science-based Land to Market™ Ecological Outcome Verification™(EOV™) seal. EPIC Sweet & Spicy Sriracha Beef Bites is the first product in the world to carry the EOV seal and is now available through EPIC's online marketplace –

The Land to Market program is the world's first verified regenerative sourcing solution for the food and fiber industries. The program was developed by The Savory Institute, an organization dedicated to the regeneration of the world's grasslands through holistic management.  

"Everything we do at EPIC Provisions is rooted in our mission to fuel a food production system that fosters a healthier, more responsible relationship with our bodies, our animals, and our planet," said EPIC Co-Founder Taylor Collins. "We've never been more excited about our ability to create a net positive return to the planet and our consumers through Land to Market. We've been alongside the Savory Institute since we founded EPIC."

Central to the Land to Market program is the EOV protocol, a science-based and scalable land assessment methodology that tracks outcomes in biodiversity, soil health, and ecosystem function, such as water infiltration and soil carbon content. Farms that demonstrate positively trending outcomes receive the verification and are entered into a regenerative supplier roster from which brands and retailers can access supply.

Through its partnership with the Savory Institute, EPIC Provisions can identify high-quality suppliers who share similar commitments to regenerative agriculture, such as White Oak Pastures, to bring products like Beef Bites to market. White Oak Pastures is EPIC's first supplier to join the Land to Market supplier roster as a result of their more than 20-year journey implementing regenerative agricultural practices on the land.

Regenerative agriculture aims to build healthy soil, increase biodiversity and empower farming communities. It also offers a promising solution for reducing greenhouse gases. Regenerative practices work with nature to pull carbon from the air and store it in the soil, where it nourishes a network of life. These practices include cover crops, diverse crop rotations, and planned grazing of livestock, and perennial crops, among others.

Chris Kerston, Savory's director of market engagement and public outreach, said, "We are thrilled to have EPIC as a founding market partner and thank them for their tireless support of Savory initiatives. They are true trailblazers and we hope that their commitment to Land to Market will inspire other brands to 'walk the talk' as they have."

EPIC has donated more than $500,000 since its founding to Savory Institute initiatives and was the first founding brand partner on Land to Market. EPIC was recently presented with Savory Institute's Frontier Founder Award in recognition of the pioneering brand's commitment to regenerative sourcing.

"We are so proud that EPIC Provisions will be the first brand to feature the Ecological Outcome Verification seal on one of our products," continued Collins. "Through Land to Market, we can formally integrate a net positive impact on the land into our established sourcing commitment and give people the power to vote with their dollars to support producers who are actively working to combat the greatest ecological challenges of our time."

EPIC Sweet & Spicy Sriracha Beef Bites that carry the new Land to Market Ecological Outcome Verification seal are now available online at and will be available nationally in the coming months.

About EPIC Provisions
EPIC Provisions is a mission-based food brand, making humanely-raised, animal-based products that drive positive impact by improving the welfare of those animals, promoting the health of humans, and regenerating the land on which we all depend. All of EPIC's products are inspired by the simple yet powerful diets of our ancestors and are consistent with our unique evolutionary biology. EPIC's married co-founders Taylor Collins and Katie Forrest launched the Austin-based brand in 2013 with EPIC meat bars, the original meat, fruit, and nut bars that are a savory high-protein snack packed with the highest quality animal meat available. Other products in EPIC's line include Bites, Snack Strips, Pork Rinds, Bone Broth and Performance Bars.

About the Savory Institute  
The Savory Institute, a US-registered 501(c)(3) charitable organization, facilitates large-scale restoration of the world's grasslands through Holistic Management. Together with Savory's global network of Hubs, the Savory Institute equips farmers and ranchers around the world with education, training and implementation support to achieve success within their cultural and ecological contexts.  Savory Institute also removes barriers and creates enhanced conditions for large-scale progress by informing policy, engaging the marketplace and increasing public awareness.  Savory's long-term goal is to positively influence the management of 1 billion hectares of grasslands by 2025, thereby contributing to global climate, water and food security. Savory is headquartered at 1500 28th Street, Boulder, Colorado, 80303. Tel: 303.327.9760. Additional news and information about the organization is available at Savory.Global, and Facebook.

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