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Dec 06, 2010

‘Tis the season for red hot holiday trends; Betty Crocker releases the top ten holiday food trends


The food enthusiasts at Betty Crocker know that families make some of their best memories at the holidays. And culinary memory-making has never been more popular, with more than 750,000 fans coming together on Betty Crocker’s Facebook page to share food ideas and inspiration. For the holidays, Betty Crocker’s creative culinary minds conducted an exclusive survey on Facebook, revealing the Betty 10 Red Hot Holiday Trends,” this season’s top 10 holiday food trends. With these trends as inspiration, Betty Crocker is offering fresh new ideas to make each trend a part of your celebration.

“Our team of passionate food-lovers used the trends as inspiration to create great new ideas that will make any celebration memorable – from Cupcake Poppers that brighten up the holiday table to Beer and Bacon ‘Mancakes’ that bring a manly new spin to pancakes.”

Betty 10 Red Hot Holiday Trends

  1. Bright Colors, Playful Food: Food Is Fun Again. Food is more fun than ever. Foodie bloggers and boutique bakeries are using bright pops of color, putting cake on a stick, and introducing all sorts of creative new takes on traditional baked goods.
  2. Street Eats and Tweets: Meals Go Mobile. Street food is all the rage, exploding from the coasts to the heartland and even on to reality TV this year. Food truck fans use Twitter to make sure they can find these restaurants-on-wheels and get their hands on the cutting-edge flavors they create.
  3. Man Up, Eat Up: Beer. Bacon. Good. The manly man is back in a big way and along with the mostly tongue-in-cheek renaissance of macho comes the rise of Dude Food. With craft brewing at an all-time high and the popularity of bacon seemingly never ending, men (and women) are using these favorite foods in new and exciting ways.
  4. Spot at the Table: Pets Are Part of the Family. Pets are more than cuddly companions; they’re truly part of the family. As a special treat, many ‘pet parents’ have started making homemade goodies for their furry family members.
  5. Gifts to DIY for: Wrap Up Some Creativity. Do it yourself is the way to go this year to stretch the holiday budget. Making homemade gifts is a creative way to add a pinch of personality while also saving on holiday presents.
  6. Food for a Cause: Feed The Soul. The holidays are a season of charity. Bake sales have resurfaced as a way to raise money for a variety of causes at the holidays.
  7. Kids in the Kitchen: Connect While You Cook. From reality TV to gourmet cooking classes it seems like everyone wants to get creative in the kitchen, including the kids.
  8. Alternative Diets Go Mainstream: Hold the Gluten. Embrace the Vegan. The number of people eating gluten free and vegan has risen steadily in the last few years. It’s everywhere from bakeries to celebrity weddings.
  9. Retro Rewind: Get Back to Great. Everything old is new again with ‘60s style invading entertainment and fashion this year.
  10. Mixology Mashup: Cookies Meet Cocktails. Classic cocktails have never gone out of style. But now, bartenders are creating new cocktails inspired by fresh flavors and even foods themselves, like Christmas cookies.

“The Betty 10 continues Betty Crocker’s tradition of helping you connect with the people who matter to you most and have fun doing it,” says Cheryl Welch, Director, Betty Crocker Kitchens and Food Content. “Our team of passionate food-lovers used the trends as inspiration to create great new ideas that will make any celebration memorable – from Cupcake Poppers that brighten up the holiday table to Beer and Bacon ‘Mancakes’ that bring a manly new spin to pancakes.”

Bringing the Betty 10 Home

Betty Crocker is making it easy to bring these food trends into the fun and festivities this season with new recipes and idea-inspiring videos on a special section of the Betty Crocker Web site, Recipes like Peanut Butter and Pumpkin Puppy Treats, made from a pumpkin, peanut butter and brown rice flour dough, make it simple to share the holiday spirit with your favorite pet pal. Betty Crocker’s Indian Spiced Mini Donut Muffins offer a quick and delicious way to make the food truck trend a fun and fresh part of your festivities. And bring retro back with vintage appetizer recipes like Three Cheese Fondue and Shrimp with Bourbon Cocktail Sauce that are simple, delicious and stand the test of time.

In addition to 16 recipes inspired by the Betty 10 Red Hot Holiday Trends, visitors to will find a Red Hot Holiday Trends overview video as well as videos demonstrating how to bring the trends home, including:

  • Cupcake Poppers (Bright Colors, Playful Food)
  • Mancakes (Man Up, Eat Up)
  • Reindeer Feed (Kids In The Kitchen)

That’s just the beginning. For more ways to make the Betty 10 Red Hot Holiday Trends part of the festivities, go to a special section of the Betty Crocker Web site,, or visit the Red Hot tab on Betty Crocker’s Facebook page. To inspire this year’s festivities and beyond, all of the recipes will also be available as downloadable PDFs.

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