General Mills Foundation

The philanthropy of the General Mills Foundation combines with our company's more than 150 years of food expertise to serve the world.

Our philanthropy focuses on:

  • Increasing community food security worldwide.
  • Advancing the sustainability of agriculture.
  • Protecting the natural resources upon which food and people depend.

We partner with our employees to strengthen our hometown communities worldwide through volunteerism and grant-making addressing local community needs.

Increasing food security 

Through strategic initiatives, grants, food donations and knowledge sharing, we work to ensure all members of a community have access to nutritious and sufficient food. 

Ensuring food for all

Together with our nonprofit partners, we work to remove barriers to community food security by expanding access to nutritious foods.  Examples include striving to eliminate food deserts in our hometown communities, or our global initiative to ensure every child begins the day nourished by school breakfast. 

Key school breakfast partners include Share Our Strength and Breakfast Club of Canada.

Our global food donations provided more than 20 million nourishing meals in 2015 alone.

Sharing our food expertise

Through partnerships like Partners In Food Solutions and grantees such as Compatible Technology International, we share vital knowledge and solutions with small and growing food companies in the developing world so they can become better food producers. This strengthens regional food systems that can serve millions of people.

Expanding capacity

Through targeted grant-making we support and strengthen food bank networks nationally and globally, providing food banks with the support they need to grow and provide a greater variety and quality of nourishing food.  

We also support the development of innovative solutions such as FoodCloud, that make it easier for food retailers to rescue excess food and donate it to the hungry.

Advancing sustainable agriculture

To feed a growing world population, we invest in programs that strengthen the food growers from which we source key ingredients. Further, we protect the habitats of food pollinators and  to restore watersheds.

Conserving natural resources

We invest and collaborate to ensure the world’s watersheds are restored and conserved, beginning with some of the highest risk watersheds that also impact the General Mills sourcing or manufacturing communities. Through our work with The Nature Conservancy and Sustainable Conservation we support water stewardship coalitions. We work together to create and implement action plans to ensure responsible stewardship and conservation of the watersheds we all depend on.

Protecting pollinators and habitat 

We work to increase pollinator populations through the conservation of habitat. Essential to the reproduction of fruits, vegetables, nuts and other foods, pollinators are vital to food ecosystems. Through partnerships focused on advocacy, education and applied research, we help to ensure pollinators have the environment they need to flourish.

Empowering growers 

We support smallholder farmers and their families in our sourcing communities through programs led by non-governmental organizations that help farmers increase their livelihoods and improve their well-being. Through the international humanitarian organization, CARE, we invest in programs that strengthen the smallholder farming communities from which General Mills sources ingredients including cocoa and vanilla.

Strengthening hometown communities

Beyond our grant-making, General Mills invests in initiatives, nonprofits and causes that help strengthen people and planet. A few examples: