General Mills Foundation

The philanthropy of the General Mills Foundation serves the world by combining with our company's food expertise, which began more than 150 years ago.

Our philanthropy focuses on:

  • Increasing community food security worldwide.
  • Advancing the sustainability of agriculture.
  • Protecting the natural resources upon which food and people depend.

We partner with our employees to strengthen our hometown communities worldwide through volunteerism and grant-making addressing local community needs.

Increasing food security 

Through strategic initiatives, grants, food donations and knowledge sharing, we work to ensure all members of a community have access to nutritious and sufficient food. 

To learn more about our focus areas and our partners, please visit the Our Community Section of the Global Responsibility Report.

Advancing sustainable agriculture

To feed a growing world population, we invest in programs that strengthen the food growers from which we source key ingredients. Further, we protect the habitats of food pollinators and  to restore watersheds.

For more, visit the Our Community Section of the Global Responsibility Report.

Strengthening hometown communities

Beyond our grant-making, General Mills invests in initiatives, nonprofits and causes that help strengthen people and planet, such as: