General Mills is committed to treating the world, its resources and people with care.

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Focus areas

Our food >>

Our goal is to provide people with nutritious, convenient food that can help them live healthier lives.

We are committed to making food with passion and improving the variety and health profile of our products while adhering to high standards of food safety. 

Our planet >>

Our goal is to protect the resources upon which our business depends.

We do this by promoting environmentally and socially responsible practices across our value chain.

The areas of greatest environmental impact in our supply chain occur outside General Mills’ operations, primarily in agriculture.

Our workplace >>

Our goal is to foster a safe, inclusive and rewarding workplace where all employees can thrive.

We put our people first by focusing on best-in-class workplace safety, creating a diverse and inclusive culture, and investing in our talent.

Our community >>

Strong people. Flourishing communities. A thriving planet.

Our philanthropic work is an extension of the company’s purpose and ties closely to our core business and food systems knowledge.

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2017 general mills global responsibility report

2017 Global Responsibility Report (Interactive)

2017 Global Responsibility Report (PDF)

2017 Global Responsibility Summary (PDF)

2017 Global Responsibility video (2:55)

Report archive

This marks the 47th year that we have reported to our communities and stakeholders.