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Resources Newsletters  Coupons and promotions
Baker's Flour - Find your sales rep, price trends and more Betty Crocker - recipes, tips and more Betty Crocker - coupons, contests, promotions
Bell Institute of Health and Nutrition - for health professionals
Bisquick - recipes, tips, coupons Box Tops for Education - make a difference for your school
Bell Institute - Canada - for health professsionals
Box Tops for Education - all about Box Tops Cheer on Reading - when families read together
Benefits of Cereal - breakfast is the champion of meals
Cooking for Two - delicious ideas from Pillsbury Everyday Saver - printable coupons
Box Tops for Education - support your school
Dinner Made Easy - jump-start a dinner Pillsbury - money-saving coupons and offers
Convenience and Foodservice - twists, serving ideas, culinary, promotions
Pillsbury - swap stories, enter contests Pillsbury Store - collectibles, cookware and gadgets
Convenience solutions - Master your convenience store business Today's Taste - inspiration five days a week Pillsbury Bake-Off - rewarding creativity since 1949
Global Social Responsibility - our mission is Nourishing Lives
Que Rica Vida - what a rich, wonderful life
Eat Better Early - nourishing parents and children   Serving Up Soul radio - music and lifestyle syndicated radio
General Mills Shop - apparel, kitchenware, gifts   Shop General Mills - unique, branded items
Grow Up Strong - with Big G kids' cereals   Whole Grain Nation - benefits of whole grains
Join My Village - fighting global poverty one click at a time    
Medallion Labs - customer service, analytical food testing    
Pillsbury Bakery - the retail baker's site    
General Mills product locator - locate General Mills products in your area    
Submit your technology idea - for those with an existing or pending patent - ideas that feed you    
Whole Grain Nation - vital nutrients - only from whole grain