Yoki has six major brands across 21 categories – everything from popcorn to tea, snack food to side dishes.

The brands of Yoki Alimentos S.A., originally a family-owned business, are everywhere in Brazil.

More than 85 percent of Brazilians have consumed a Yoki-branded product in the last six months, and more than 70 percent have used a Kitano-branded product.

Founded in 1960, Yoki nourishes Brazilians with its everyday foods that include snacks, side dishes, seasoning, nuts, flours and soy beverages.

The major brands of Yoki Alimentos are:

  • Yoki
  • Kitano seasonings
  • Mais Vita soy beverages
    • Yokitos snacks
    • Lin Tea
    • Tori bird food


    Basic to Brazil

    Yoki products include basics like flour, beans, and popular side dishes such as farofa. Yoki has the No. 1 share position in this dry meals category. young boy in blue shirt with Yoki products

    Since 1960

    The company – originally named Kitano – was founded in Brazil during 1960 by Yoshizo Kitano, a Japanese immigrant. Kitano sold peanuts, beans, chickpeas, and corn and manioc flours. yoki brands
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    Yoki brands

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