Supplier diversity

A commitment.


Fulfilling this commitment is important to our shareholders, our increasingly diverse consumer base, the communities in which we operate and, ultimately, the success of our company.

As such, each division or department will establish annual objectives and plans that lead to measurable improvement in diversifying our base of suppliers.

The role of the Supplier Diversity department is to advocate and support the business development of diverse suppliers at General Mills. This is accomplished by creating networking and training opportunities for diverse businesses.


If you are interested in doing business with General Mills and are a certified diverse business (veteran, woman, LGBT and/or minority owned), register your business with General Mills through the Supplier Database link on the top right side of this page.

General Mills requires proof of certification from its diverse suppliers.

Upon completion, you will receive an email within two weeks verifying a successful registration. General Mills will then review your submission and determine appropriate next steps, if any.

Heart, Head and Wallet are the pillars of our supplier diversity efforts.

Heart recognizes that we believe engaging diverse suppliers is the right thing to do.
Head recognizes that our future growth objectives are tied to our ability to market to emerging consumer franchises; we engage the diverse supplier community in the same manner.
Wallet signifies putting our money where our mouth is; we hold ourselves accountable for measurable progress in developing diverse supplier relationships.


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Supplier Diversity at General Mills (pdf)