Snackable, no-bake cake skyrockets in India

Few homes in India have ovens, but most have pressure cookers.


Pillsbury india cooker cake mix box and cakes on plateSo people are familiar with steaming idlis, a mild-tasting rice cake that’s often served with chutney or curry at breakfast.

An innovative Pillsbury mix patterned after idlis has added a "high snackability" food in cities like Mumbai.

The Pillsbury cake is so snackable because the smaller, individual portions that resemble cupcakes make it convenient, and easy to eat.

Since last year’s debut of Choco Idli Cake, sales of this steamed dessert have taken off in India.

Importantly, the cakes are made at home in a familiar way.

Cooker cakes are steamed in pressure cookers, and made without the use of eggs or an oven: Add milk. Oil. Steam.

Even though its cooker cake mix has been the dominant brand for many years, Pillsbury wanted to make cakes more accessible in a busy world.  Creating a portion-controlled snack has done just that.

May 2016

Demand has been so solid that a vanilla variety was introduced.