Going gluten-free

Food scientist Colleen Kargel knows the challenges of gluten-free living


Gluten is a common natural protein found in foods, including wheat, barley and rye. But it’s not always welcomed.

Those who are gluten sensitive or suffer from the autoimmune disorder celiac disease must avoid it at all cost. For years, they’ve told us that finding gluten-free foods that taste good is a huge challenge.

So, we stepped up to the challenge.

two of the gluten free products from general mills

Today, we offer more than 600 gluten-free options, such as:

As more people prepare gluten- free options for family or friends with a medical need, or simply opt to go gluten-free, General Mills believes the interest in gluten-free products that are convenient, affordable and taste great will continue.

Colleen Kargel is among this group of consumers interested in gluten-free products. She also happens to work as a food scientist for General Mills.

And, she recalls how difficult it was to find gluten-free foods for the whole family – especially when celebrating special occasions like birthdays.

Back in 2009 she drew from this experience when working with the Betty Crocker team as they were developing the brand’s line of gluten-free baking mixes. 

Colleen’s son Shane avoids gluten – as well as dairy and eggs – based on a recommendation from his doctor.

In 2014, Cereal Partners Worldwide, General Mills’ joint venture with Nestlé, introduced Nestlé Gluten Free Corn Flakes in the UK.



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