Updates to our Privacy Policy

With the exception of child-oriented General Mills websites and promotions, which operate under a different privacy policy, these changes apply to all General Mills brands and service offerings in the United States.  Our other brands are listed here.

These changes were posted on April 2, 2014.

Key updates to the Privacy Policy include:

• Updates about the types of information that we collect. This section details the types of information we collect or otherwise may access or receive – including not only the information you directly provide, but also the information we may gather passively or receive from social-networking services, data aggregators, and other third parties.

• Updates about how we use this information. This section details how we may use all this information – including how this information may be combined with other information from multiple sources to customize your interactive experience and provide you with relevant advertising on our sites or elsewhere online.

• Updates about how we may share information. This section details the circumstances in which we may share information with others.

• Updated “do-not-track” policy. A new description of our current policy of not responding to so-called “do-not-track” browser signals, given the absence of an established standard for doing so.  If and when a standard is established and accepted, General Mills may revisit this policy.

 More detailed descriptions about how we use cookies, web beacons, and similar technologies, including how we may use newer technologies (such as local storage technologies and other unique identifiers) for similar purposes.