Supplier scorecards

We work with our suppliers to measure and reduce our upstream footprint.

Our environmental impact occurs mostly outside our operations – primarily in agriculture, ingredient production and packaging. So we use our Supplier Sustainability Scorecard to track our portion of a supplier’s energy, water, waste and GHG emissions.

We gather data associated with the raw materials used to make our products. 

We’ve been tracking these metrics since 2005 in our own operations. 

Now we've expanded this process to include our suppliers, enabling better collaboration to reduce our extended environmental impact.

As awareness grows of the importance of this type of measurement, new industry-wide platforms for data collection are emerging. We are evaluating those options.

Phase 1 results
In fiscal 2012, we deployed the supplier scorecard to our top 100 U.S. suppliers in our four main categories: commodities, ingredients, packaging and external supply chain. Eighty percent of these suppliers responded. We now have baseline data for each of these suppliers. In the future, we plan to collaborate around reductions in energy, water, solid waste and GHG emissions.

Phase 2
Already in fiscal 2013, we have launched the supplier scorecard with our top 15 European suppliers to capture the same baseline data as in the United States. We also expect to introduce optimized data collection and reporting, establish supplier goals and implement changes across our sourcing platform.