Workplace safety


Our ultimate goal is zero injuries and illnesses.

At General Mills, our focus on achieving a “zero-loss culture” helps reduce injuries and makes safety the top priority across our facilities worldwide.


We continue to improve workplace safety at General Mills through our efforts to prevent injuries and illnesses.

We reduced our global total injury rate (TIR) by 9% to 1.22 injuries per 100 employees in fiscal 2015, down from 1.34 in 2014.

Safety highlights in 2015 include:

  • 13 locations operated injury-free.
  • 23 locations had a TIR below 1.0.
  • 25 locations had zero lost-time accidents due to injuries.

Our Lead with Safety initiative raises awareness about preventing employee and food safety incidents by reinforcing General Mills safety principles: We lead with safety; every incident is preventable; we are all accountable.


General Mills created a three-year Lead with Safety roadmap for 2015-2018 to improve our safety performance.

We used insights from our global employee perceptions survey – conducted in 2013 in partnership with DuPont, a globally recognized leader in workplace safety – as well as safety metrics comparisons with our peer food industry companies and performance benchmarking with recognized safety leaders.

Guided by that roadmap in 2015:

  • We continued to implement safety improvement plans, build leadership capabilities and gain alignment around our global safety structure.
  • We established a Central Safety Committee at pilot locations, led by the plant manager, to ensure two-way communication with the Corporate Safety Council and our Global Safety Governance Board (GSGB).
  • Global locations focused on driving out losses through the targeted safety improvement plans and also established GSGB-sponsored process improvement teams to uniformly implement standards.

Tracking progress

Using our Global Safety Tracking and Environmental Management System, called GSTEMS, General Mills tracks safety data at all worldwide production facilities, including Yoki and Yoplait International sites.

GSTEMS allows us to track all workplace incidents – even near-misses that did not result in an injury – and document necessary actions to reduce future risks and communicate progress.

We have a 24-hour requirement for reporting all injuries. This rapid notification calls attention to potential safety risks so they can be addressed quickly to prevent future incidents.

We also follow a standardized global process for incident investigation.

Responsibility and auditing

Workplace health and safety is the responsibility of General Mills line management and each individual employee. All employees are expected to work safely by following all rules, procedures and training.

Senior-level responsibility for workplace safety lies with the Director of Global Safety and Environment, who reports to the Vice President of Engineering, Global Safety and Environment.

Corporate audits to verify compliance are conducted on a periodic basis. Any identified deficiencies are tracked until completion.

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