We build a culture of creating.

“At General Mills, we put people first, every day. We recognize that our people are our most important asset, and that’s why we continually strive to cultivate a culture that allows every employee to succeed.” – Jacqueline Williams-Roll, Senior Vice President, Human Resources, General Mills Global Responsibility

General Mills collaborates inside and outside our company to create shared value for our consumers and the world.

Culture Council

Our Culture Council, formed in 2015 and led by senior leaders with representation from supply chain, human resources, sales and other areas, helps to drive winning performance and ensure General Mills is viewed as an employer of choice.

The council works to build a more agile organization by:

  • Helping to develop inspirational leaders
  • Encouraging candid dialogue among all employees
  • Creating an inclusive and engaging work environment

To measure our progress, we analyze internal and external feedback, including employee responses to our engagement surveys about agility, leadership, candor, transparency, accountability, and empowerment and inclusion.

In 2015, we conducted an employee culture focus group to elicit open, honest and meaningful dialogue about General Mills’ culture and identify any barriers to business growth, employee engagement and agility.

The session provided valuable feedback about the work environment. Insights are being used to refine our efforts to build a more agile workplace culture.

Engagement Council

Our Engagement Council, also created in 2015 following company restructuring initiatives, builds on the efforts of the Culture Council.

The council brings together representatives from global health, health and safety, human resources and other areas to find meaningful ways for people to be involved across the company in order to:

  • cultivate pride in our products, purpose and values
  • inspire trust in leadership
  • capture employee input

As with the Culture Council, we rely on employee engagement feedback and participation levels to analyze progress.

The Engagement Council is identifying ways to create a fun and engaging workplace for employees around the world.

Equal opportunity

We believe every General Mills employee has the right to be treated fairly and deserves the opportunity to stretch and grow throughout their career.

Our equal employment opportunity policy applies to all employment practices and procedures, including compensation. 


Doing the right thing is a fundamental part of our culture.

Our comprehensive Code of Conduct and Ethics & Compliance program promote ethical behavior in all aspects of our employees' work.

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