Our approach


We know that engaged employees drive innovation.

Our purpose and pursuit of putting people first, our brands and business practices, and our commitment to a clear Code of Conduct help inspire our employees.

At General Mills, our employees share a passion for serving the world through food.


Our company leadership maintains the highest ethical standards in conducting business, and they honor and acknowledge employees’ contributions to the company’s success. 


The best companies attract committed employees who grow to achieve their highest potential, making significant contributions to the business. We focus on hiring superior talent, helping our people continually develop their skills and creating an organization that collaborates effectively. We encourage a healthy work/life balance.


Managers play a significant role in employee engagement, success and satisfaction. Our Great Managers program helps managers become better leaders by building skills, reinforcing behaviors and providing feedback. 

Since 2008, we have trained more than 2,700 managers worldwide to be good coaches for our employees.


We work to improve workplace safety and reach our goal of zero injuries and illnesses. At General Mills, we strive for a “zero-loss culture” in which all losses are driven out, including safety incidents. Our focus on achieving a zero-loss culture helps reduce injuries and make safety the top priority across our facilities worldwide.

Ethics and compliance

Our Ethics & Compliance group, led by our Chief Compliance and Risk Officer, is committed to upholding General Mills’ long-standing culture of integrity by ensuring that employees know what it means to behave ethically and to act in compliance with our Code of Conduct. Key business leaders throughout our global operations are responsible for ethical marketing and brand development.

Diversity and inclusion

The Senior Vice President, Human Resources is responsible for attracting and retaining competitively superior talent that reflects our markets and consumers. Additional responsibilities include developing employees and delivering a culture that allows all employees to thrive.

The Executive Diversity Council includes 12 senior leaders who oversee policies and regularly review programs and results related to diversity and inclusion.

Our Chief Executive Officer personally reviews our diversity and inclusion progress quarterly and sets the tone for accountability throughout the company.

Pay Equity

General Mills values everyone’s contributions at work, and that’s why we fully support the WorldatWork Pay Equity principles for U.S. employers, which we helped develop.  

Communication and change

We strive to communicate transparently with employees.

General Mills conducted several multiyear restructuring projects designed to accelerate long-term growth through increased organizational effectiveness, reduced overhead expense and streamlined operations.

While these changes have been difficult, we are moving forward to create a stronger and more agile company.


Global Responsibility Report


2016 (pdf)