Organic ingredients supply


Our natural and organic business expansion requires a more robust pipeline of organic growers.

Our roadmap includes establishing differentiated grower relationships and a commitment to organic research.

To help generate double-digit growth for organic and natural brands, our Organic Center of Excellence is building sourcing relationships directly with farmers for our products.

Our supply chain focus includes working with growers to optimize production and quality, adopt standard practices and accelerate supply.

These processes will help us meet our goal of more than doubling the organic acreage from which we buy ingredients for organic brands by 2019.


General Mills is working with other organic companies in a precompetitive effort to increase the supply of organic grain.

We participate in the Organic Trade Association’s Grain, Pulse and Oilseed Council, an industry forum convened in November 2015 to address issues surrounding the supply of organic grain, oilseeds and pulses.

This effort evolved from work that Annie’s has been doing since 2013.

Expanding organic farming

As part of our focus on increasing organic farming acreage in North America, we announced in June 2015 our $50,000 investment to support the Canada-based Prairie Organic Grain Initiative:

  • POGI is a multi-year program aimed at building resiliency and stability in the organic field crop sector while increasing the quantity and quality of organic field crops in Canada.
  • POGI is addressing the shortage of organic grain growers by helping conventional growers make the transition to organic farming.

In the U.S., where acreage devoted to organic agriculture is less than 1 percent of total cropland, we are partnering with advisors who work directly with farmers to help them transition from conventional farming methods to organic practices.

In the U.S. Midwest, this effort is helping farmers transition to organically grown oats.

We also support the Organic Farming Research Foundation’s (OFRF) efforts to encourage widespread adoption of organic farming practices through research, advocacy and education.

Cascadian Farm is the lead funder of OFRF’s National Organic Research Agenda (NORA) update project, which will inform where research can accelerate use of organic practices across the wide variety of crops we source.

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