Our approach: assess & transform

We are moving our raw material supply chain toward more sustainable solutions.

General Mills follows a four-step sustainable sourcing model to improve the sustainability of the raw materials we use to make our products:

1. Assessment

Working with World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and the Rainforest Alliance, we completed a comprehensive, in-depth assessment of all raw materials we buy worldwide. 

2. Strategy formation

We identified the 10 priority raw materials we buy where we can have the greatest influence and are pursuing sustainable sourcing strategies.

3. Transformation

We achieve the greatest sustainability impact by working with industry partners and NGOs across the supply chain to devise and implement solutions. We pilot projects and communicate the results so we – and others in the industry – can continue to refine our approach. 

4. Monitoring and evaluation

Our efforts to monitor and evaluate our progress are ongoing. When necessary, we involve third-party auditors to help measure and analyze our results.

Our approach is tailored to each ingredient and geography, whether we are working with smallholder farmers in developing economies or larger-scale agriculture in developed economies.

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