General Mills focuses on improving the environmental, social and economic impacts of sugarcane production and processing in our supply chain.

We joined Bonsucro in 2013 and continue working with them to strengthen the global sugarcane supply chain.

General Mills is a relatively small purchaser of sugarcane from any single market. 

We continue to gain knowledge about the origins of the sugarcane we purchase through our membership in Bonsucro, an international organization focused on improving the environmental, social and economic sustainability of sugarcane production and processing, including certification using the Bonsucro Production Standard.

In 2015, we continued the process begun in 2014 to identify sugarcane origin locations in our supply chain and assign a risk rating.

More than half of the sugarcane we purchase globally is grown in low-risk origin countries, such as the U.S., Australia and South Africa.


Labor rights are a major concern in the global sugarcane supply chain – including issues of child and forced labor as well as working conditions related to worker health, safety and hours.

Another challenge is the lack of origin visibility due to the complexity and regulations of the supply chain into the United States, which accounts for the majority of our purchases. 


Together with Bonsucro, we are encouraging suppliers to conduct gap analyses as the first step toward certification using the Bonsucro Standard.

We continue to engage with sugarcane mills in Central America to identify origins and partners capable of supplying sustainable sugarcane.

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