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We're Consumer Goods Forum members.

“We have benefited from General Mills sharing their best practices as they work toward achieving fiber packaging goals, and their collaborative work with Sustainable Packaging Coalition members to develop new, innovative practices for the entire value chain.” – Tom Pollock, Senior Manager, Sustainable Packaging Coalition

We use guidelines developed by the Consumer Goods Forum in conjunction with the Rainforest Alliance as the foundation of our fiber sourcing commitment.

Deforestation is the primary supply chain risk posed by sourcing fiber for packaging.

Using sustainable sourcing guidelines for fiber, pulp and paper production, we conducted an analysis of our fiber packaging supply chain. 

This analysis revealed that 99 percent of our supply is considered at low risk for contributing to global deforestation because the packaging uses either recycled materials or virgin fiber that is sourced from regions where deforestation is not occurring.

We have investigated the remaining 1 percent of our fiber packaging, which is sourced from countries considered at high risk for potentially contributing to deforestation:

  • One of those countries was India, where we worked with the Rainforest Alliance in 2013 to review our fiber sources, confirm sustainable sourcing practices and verify that the fiber we source from India poses a low risk of contributing to deforestation.
  • We also partnered with the Rainforest Alliance in 2014 to investigate fiber sourced from China. Our sourcing team in China is working to identify areas of nonconformance and work with those suppliers to develop strategies for achieving compliance – or transition fiber purchases to sources that meet our sustainable sourcing criteria.

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