Reducing energy use


The Five-Step Energy Reduction Process is central to our approach.

Understanding energy use is essential to improving energy efficiency at General Mills facilities around the world.

The 19 plants participating in this program represent 80 percent of our global energy use from manufacturing.

In fiscal 2016, we implemented more than 300 projects at these sites through the Five-Step process.

For example, a shift to more efficient transport modes and improvements in truck fuel efficiency reduced greenhouse gas emissions 8 percent in 2016 compared to our 2010 baseline. 

Other 2016 highlights include:

  • Saving more than 50 million killowatt hours of energy.
  • Generating more than 117 million killowatt hours of renewable energy onsite, almost 4 percent of our total energy usage. 
  • Avoiding nearly 45,000 metric tons carbon dioxide equivalent greenhouse gas emissions.

We expect this program to save General Mills about US$10 million in energy use over the next several years.

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