Vegetables and health

Our history with vegetables began in a lush valley in Minnesota carved out by ancient glaciers. It had some of the richest soil in the world.


Since, we have never stopped providing you with vegetables. 

As you know, vegetables are a valuable source of nutrients. American adults get more than 20 percent of their daily fiber, potassium and vitamin C from vegetables. More good news: Vegetables contribute less than 10 percent of total daily calories. 

What you might not know: Fewer than 10 percent of Americans 19 and older get the recommended amount of vegetables each day. 

We can help you get the vegetables you need, and vegetables that are convenient to prepare.

We harvest each crop at peak season and freeze it fast to lock in freshness and nutrients, like vitamins, minerals and fiber.

Many General Mills products include vegetables, including:

  • Progresso soups
  • Muir Glen, our organic brand
  • Wanchai Ferry dumplings 
  • Yoki  farofa
Studies show that frozen vegetables are as nutritious as fresh, as freezing "locks in" vitamins and stops nutrient loss. Nutrients in vegetables are associated with a reduced risk of several chronic diseases.