Code of conduct

General Mills’ global reputation as an ethical company depends on each employee always acting consistent with the law, our policies and our values.

code of conduct in multiple languages

General Mills employees receive a Code of Conduct that outlines our ethical expectations and provides practical tips and examples for how to act with integrity in every decision, every action, every day.  

Communications and training
We communicate our expectations through training opportunities and educational modules on our company intranet.

Employees participate in live and online scenario-based training to illustrate ethical decision-making in daily business activities.

Posters highlighting key messages from our Code of Conduct are posted in manufacturing facilities and offices. The code and posters are available in 11 languages for our global work force.

Employees also have access to an intranet site dedicated to Ethics & Compliance information and resources.

Investigating and resolving concerns
 Employees are encouraged to seek help when trying to determine the right course of action, either through their manager or via the Ethics Line, which provides for anonymous reporting.

The Ethics Line is available around the world 24 hours a day, seven days a week, through a toll-free phone number or via the Web. Employees can use this resource to report an actual or suspected violation or to raise a question.


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Code of Conduct

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Call the Ethics Line

If you have a concern, or want to report a violation. Go