Palm Oil

palms in a cupped handTo reinforce the development of certified sustainable palm oil production practices, General Mills committed in 2010 to sourcing 100 percent of its palm oil from sustainable sources by 2015.

We are on track to meet this commitment.

We are advancing our pledge by identifying and securing sources of sustainably produced palm oil in a phased approach. We are in the process of converting our portfolio leveraging mass balance and anticipate that by the end of fiscal 2013, 50 percent of our global portfolio will be using sustainably sourced palm oil.

Although General Mills is a relatively minor user of palm oil, we acknowledge that responsible users of even small amounts of raw materials can impact issues via principled purchasing practices.

General Mills supports RSPO principles and efforts to encourage and certify sustainable palm oil production practices.

To reinforce those principles, General Mills purchases palm oil only from RSPO members – with preference for purchasing RSPO-certified sustainable palm oil. General Mills is committed to sourcing palm oil in a socially and environmentally responsible manner.



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