Our sustainability mission:

Conserve and protect the natural resources and communities upon which our business depends.

Our chairman and CEO has ultimate accountability for environmental sustainability performance.

We believe that the growth of our business and the health of our planet are, by nature, connected. Our purpose – serving the world by making food people love – reflects this belief.

As a global food company, we rely on Mother Nature to supply the raw materials and ingredients we need to produce our products. Coupled with the expected population growth to reach 9 billion by 2050, we recognize that providing food more people with more constrained natural resources will be a challenge for everyone.

We want to be part of the solution because we believe that treating the world with care is important both for the planet and for our business. 

Reducing our environmental footprint
General Mills has long been committed to being part of the solution on climate change. Since 2005, we have reduced our absolute greenhouse gas emissions by 13 percent within our direct operations.

Furthering this commitment, we announced a new goal in August 2015 to reduce greenhouse gas emissions across our entire value chain – from farm to fork to landfill – over the next 10 years.

Our goal, developed using science-based methodology, is an ambitious one: a 28% absolute reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 20251.  

Additionally, our long term aspiration is to achieve sustainable emission levels in line with scientific consensus by 2050. 

Learn more about our climate commitment.

Our environmental sustainability metrics
We continue to work toward our fiscal 2015 goals of achieving significant, measurable improvements in key environmental sustainability areas.

We report our environmental metrics with and without the impact of the recent acquisitions of Yoplait International (fiscal 2012) and Yoki (fiscal 2013).

1 Versus 2010 baseline

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