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When the Washburn Crosby Company, a forerunner of General Mills, received a flood of questions about baking, “Betty Crocker” was created as a signature to personalize the company’s replies. Fact sheet (pdf)

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There were no pre-mixed baking mixes on grocery shelves until a General Mills sales executive grew curious about the oven-hot biscuits he was served on a train in 1930. Fact sheet (pdf)

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Minnesota Valley Canning Company named its new, extra-large green pea variety "Green Giant," no one dreamed that one day it would become the company's name. Fact sheet (pdf)

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To celebrate the company’s 80th birthday in 1949, Pillsbury Mills, Inc. held the "Grand National Recipe and Baking Contest." The overwhelming response sparked the Pillsbury Bake-Off Contest. Fact sheet (pdf)

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Giggling his way to spokescharacter superstardom, Poppin' Fresh, the Pillsbury Doughboy, first introduced himself to TV viewers in 1965. Fact sheet (pdf)

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When a health clinician spilled bran gruel on a hot stove, Wheaties cereal was born. The mixture crackled and sizzled into a crisp flake that tasted great. Fact sheet (pdf)


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