We share your interest in well-being.

The people of General Mills have stories as plentiful as our passion is deep. We love food, and it shows.


Growing up on an Iowa farm, Kathy Wiemer had a keen understanding of how food moves from farm to fork.

Kathy brings that understanding and love of food, as well as a strong sense of responsibility, to her role as Fellow in the General Mills Bell Institute of Health and Nutrition.

She ensures that General Mills’ products meet or exceed all corporate and governmental nutrition regulations and policies.

Tom Rabaey is a champion for bees.  As a principal scientist in crop biosciences at General Mills, Rabaey was concerned with the decline in the bee population.

Tom recognizes that bees make it possible for us to enjoy many foods that would no longer be available in the absence of bee pollination.

He acted to find collaborators across the country to help produce bee-friendly almonds in California.  

Those almonds, as well as organic honey, are now found in many of our offerings.

Heidi Teoh is a principal scientist at General Mills. Heidi helped create Progresso Light soup as a labor of love.

“I had a lot of personal passion for this project because I had lost 140 pounds by eating right and exercising regularly,” she recalls.

Heidi knew well that when you are watching calories, food needs to deliver taste, look hearty and smell tantalizing.  

Heidi and her team worked hard to develop soups and recipes that were not only great tasting, but also visually appealing with rich aroma.