Bell Institute of Health and Nutrition

James Ford Bell served as president and chair of General Mills. He also was an entrepreneur, philanthropist and sportsman.

The Bell Institute website is a nutrition education resource.

The General Mills Bell Institute of Health and Nutrition aims to influence the development of quality products that nourish lives and contribute to healthy living.

In 2013, we celebrated 50 years of nutrition expertise at General Mills, with registered dietitians playing an important role in the development of  corporate nutrition guidelines.

Today, our Bell Institute staff are a critical resource for our business teams and for health professionals outside the company.

BIHN science and nutrition professionals collaborate with our brands to ensure health and nutrition campaigns are credible and meaningful.

With backgrounds in nutrition science, public health, clinical nutrition and food science, Bell Institute staff also work with leading scientists from universities around the world to advance nutrition and health research on a range of topics, including: 

  • whole grains
  • digestive health
  • heart health
  • weight management