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Anton Vincent

Vice President; President, Snacks

Anton Vincent became president of the General Mills Snacks division in 2014. He is responsible for the growth of some of America’s favorite snack brands including Nature Valley granola bars, Betty Crocker fruit-flavored snacks, and Chex Mix

Sam Houston State University BBA, Finance

Indiana University Kelley School of Business, MBA

Milestone Growth Fund, vice chairman

American Advertising Federation

Breck School (Minnesota)

Indiana University Center for Brand Leadership

Previously, Vincent led General Mills’ Frozen Foods division where he was responsible for brands that include Green Giant, Pillsbury and Totino’s.

He assumed that role in 2012.

A corporate officer since 2006, he became a division president in 2010. 

Among his other roles, Vincent was president of the company's Baking division, where he was responsible for brands such as Betty Crocker dessert mixes, Bisquick and Gold Medal flour.  

During the 2001 acquisition of the Pillsbury Company, Vincent was a key member of the mergers and acquisitions team.

Vincent is an active member of the General Mills community. He was a founding member of the employee Black Champions Network. He received the 2009 General Mills Champions Award for business impact and the 2011 General Mills Vanguard Award for his volunteer work.

Formerly, Vincent led a private equity group to purchase the Applebee's franchises in western Tennessee, northern Mississippi and eastern Arkansas, serving as the firm's managing partner.

He and his wife, Lindy, have three children.


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