Delightfully good yogurt

Yoplait Delights is a rich, low-fat yogurt parfait.

The team who developed Yoplait Delights leveraged General Mills’ Innovation Speed Team to do the early in-market learning that was crucial to the product’s ultimately successful national launch.

Package of Yoplait Delights

The Innovation Speed Team is a cross-functional team of experts that focuses on early in-market learning. When group members conducted in-store testing of Yoplait Delights at two major retailers, they found that the product didn’t sell as well as they thought it would.

Each time they did an in-store demo, sales doubled.  Sales usually increase when you hand out free samples, but rarely this much. So people liked the product, but weren’t picking it up off the shelf. The package design, it turns out, was preventing shoppers from putting the yogurt in their carts. The light blue overwrap looked gorgeous in isolation, but didn’t pop out at people from the shelf.

The reason? The packaging blended in too much with the Yoplait Light single serve yogurt cups, which are also blue. As the team stood back and watched people shopping the aisle, most people never even saw the package.  

In the past, the company might have taken several months to discover this disconnect, perhaps after the product had launched nationally. With the Innovation Speed Team facilitating collaboration with the retail customer, the test took just weeks. Yoplait marketers quickly redesigned the package to distinguish the premium taste and quality of the product and improve the “100 calories” communication on the package.