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General Mills Ventures

General Mills Ventures is focused on investing primarily in emerging food brands. It also evaluates food technology and digital media investments.

General Mills Ventures was created to accelerate the pace of innovation at General Mills and to build strategic capabilities for the company through partnerships with institutional venture capital funds and direct equity investments in start-up companies.

General Mills Ventures invests primarily in the United States and is located at the company’s headquarters in Minneapolis, Minn.

diamond Emerging Packaged Food Brands. We are looking for emerging packaged food brands that satisfy consumers’ health and wellness needs. Businesses need to have a unique, compelling and authentic brand, sales of at least $3 million in the U.S., and a great tasting product. If you are interested in partnering with General Mills, please email our Brand Ambassador with non-confidential information. Get a first-hand perspective of how General Mills has partnered with emerging food brands by reading this message from Lara Merriken, founder of Larabar.

diamond Food Technology. Visit the G-WIN page learn more about General Mills' food technology partnership opportunities.

diamond  Digital Media. Visit the G-WIN Digital page to learn more about how General Mills is discovering, piloting and sharing new ways to connect General Mills brands with consumers through emerging digital marketing technologies.

General Mills Ventures has been featured in several national publications, such as Bloomberg BusinessWeek and Advertising Age, among others.  Learn more about General Mills' approach to innovation on our innovation home page.



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