Bakeries & Foodservice sales

The Bakeries and Foodservice division offers exposure to our branded and unbranded products, front- and back-of -the-house experiences, and intimate customer interaction in all functions.

We take the General Mills brands and capabilities to small and large businesses, providing solutions to their business needs. We build broad general leadership and analytical skills in our associates, at all levels of the organization.  

There are three main business channels: foodservice, convenience and bakeries/restaurants.  

Foodservice channel
We sell branded food products to foodservice operations, wholesale distributors and bakeries. Two of the key distributors that we sell to are Sysco and U.S. Foodservice. Our primary operators include hospitals, institutes of higher education, K-12 schools, hotels, business and industry cafeterias, and commercial restaurants. 

Convenience channel
We sell retail products with customized packaging and General Mills branded items to convenience stores across the United States. 

Bakery/restaurant channel
We sell mixes and frozen dough products to supermarket, retail and wholesale bakeries. The in-store bakery within the supermarket promotes Pillsbury products such as cookies, cinnamon rolls, biscuits and puff pastries. On the restaurant side we customize products for quick-service restaurants such as KFC, McDonald’s and Pizza Hut. 

Each of our team members are expected to achieve the following.  

Business analytics

  • Understand relevant business needs and challenges.
  • Gain competency in systems and analytical tools that drive business results.
  • Provide solution-based insights to influence decision makers.

Sales support

  • Aid sales leadership in understanding volume and profitability to key accounts.
  • Work with field sales to learn customer needs.
  • Provide analysis and recommendations to drive business growth.


  • Develop foundational selling skills and product knowledge.
  • Learn to sell through structured courses and training.
  • Participate in field sales experiences.


Build internal and external network relationships through:

  • Cross-functional projects
  • Industry trade shows
  • Volunteer experiences
  • Mentorships
  • Developmental seminars
  • Diversity organizations  

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